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Be Wary of Available Trials of Acai Berry Products

Online scammers have been setting up websites to lure consumers in with "free trial offers" of varying acai berry products. With demand for acai berry supplements always rising, so has the come of individuals expecting to cash in on the trend. The greatest way to avoid goes scammed when it comes to acai is to remain away from free trial provides and bond with respected dealers, said Bryan Nettles of Bryan Nettles Pure Acai Products.

"Hundreds of thousands of people have been ripped off by companies who claim to offer available trials, tarnishing the serious make of what is yet a wonderful health food. As a standard regulation, people should remain away from any party providing available trials. We see these scammers putting over lots of new websites everyday offering the available test provides. Of the hundreds we get looked at, we have yet to find a individual some that is a legitimate business," said Nettles.

Although Pure Acai Wares has never proposed free acai test, the party receives dozens of emails every day from individuals who get been swindled by tricksters. Many of these e-mail are mistakenly directed at Pure Acai Products because buyers have been unable to contact the companies they originally made orders with.

"These people e-mail us thinking that we are the singles who stole their money because there's zero way to contact the con artists," added Nettles.

One bemused client wrote, "I went charged $89.31 for renewal on the acai berry vitamins and I never yet received the sample of vitamins I got requested. I require my history refunded and I want zero else to do with your company."

The acai berry is touted as goes the world's hottest superfood. Native of Brazil, the berries are said to contain last points of fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants and another nutrients. The popularity of acai berry wares is partly due to stars such as Rachel Ray and Oprah Winfrey featuring acai on their shows. Interest points fortify after each cite on television, simply unfortunately the scammers are always careful of this.

On January 6, the Major Business Bureau (BBB) issued a warning about acai available test propose scams. Tricksters tempt clients with offers of free trials, but troubles ensue when individuals observe out they are signed over for all sorts of products and subscriptions they don't require.

Steve Cox, spokesman for BBB, said, "Many businesses crossways the country are using the same selling pattern for their acai products: they lure customers in with celebrity endorsements and free trial offers, and then lock them in by making it exceedingly challenging to cancel the automatic delivery of more acai wares all month."

On that point are 100 of party lists that people have filed complaints about. One of the near common is FX Supplements, which supposedly offers risk-free trials that require purchasers paying for zero simply transporting.

Customers get until the end of their trail to cancel their subscription or else find themselves lumbered with monthly charges of $85.90. What near people miss is that the test begins from the day of the order.

Different company in the firing line is Central Coast Nutraceuticals, which again offers available acai trials of everything from acai supplements to acai tea. Purchasers who don't act quickly enough to cancel their subscriptions are then charged $40 a calendar month.

So why don't people just cancel their subscriptions? Potential they willed - if they can always get have of the companies they ordered from. Clients who phone the hotlines are set on hold for anything up to 75 minutes - and yet then there is no guarantee that they won't be disconnected.

Dozens of new acai websites are unleashed on the Nets periodic. Scammers act from some domain to the next, utilizing pay-per-click advertisements to generate traffic. In November 2008 Google recorded more than 1.5 million searches for acai wares. Gross sales of acai products were more than $15 million last yr.

Nettles continued, "Sales of acai berry wares are yet growing. Individuals haven't been dissuaded from the latest products, but now they project they get to be a bit more than certain where they order from."

Any propose of a available test of acai products is potential to be a scam and 100 of 1000 of people have already fallen victim. Acai products come in several forms - juices, powders, capsules, jams and so on - and their popularity is showing zero signs of slowing, despite the presence of fraudsters.

If you want to order acai wares, observe a respected source that doesn't push any too-good-to-be-true provides on shoppers.






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