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Acai (Pronounced AH-SAH-EE) is a Brazilian berry packed with protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. Acai fruit or more ordinarily experienced as the acai berry is besides highly rich in omega fatty acids and disease-fighting antioxidants. These omega fatty acids are the serious fatty acids that help protect the body against cancer and other debilitating diseases. These all-important fatty acids are also found in fish. Unfortunately, most of us do not consume enough of these disease deterring fatty acids.

Acai berries get more than than 10 times the antioxidants than grapes and doubly as some found in blueberries. It's no question acai fruit has been crowned the world's #1 superfood. Until the mainstream discovery of the acai berry, blueberries reigned supreme. The acai berry has been used for centuries as a premium natural energy supplement that:

* Assists in burden loss
* Detoxifies the body of impurities
* Boosts zip points
* Improves psychological clarity
* Gains libido
* And much more

Acai fruit has the symmetry of a grape and the size of a giant blueberry. The taste is similar to a wild raspberry with a hint of grape flavor. Some people have difficultness describing the flavor because it is such a unique taste simply delicious yet.

Acai berries get on Amazon palm tree and have a very little "shelf liveliness" formerly picked. Acai fruit begins to compose within 24 hours of being removed from the tree. This requires acai products such as juices, powders, capsules, and another supplements to be manufactured nearly instantly. This serve frequently forces over the was of premium acai wares. Be alert that there are acai wares, especially juices, that contain real small acai. Instead, another fruit juices gain up the bulk of the message. Avoid these down quality wares at all costs.

Lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits are besides packed with the same phytonutrients just not as many as the acai berry. Consuming tart cherries has presented optimistic results in relieving arthritis symptoms and fibromyalgia. The benefits of consuming these citrus fruits and acai don't end with arthritis relief. Scientist are finding even more than challenging wellness profits of dealing acai average.





Acai Information

Acai has changed my life. This product yielded the third results of all our studies on acai berries. It was even recommended by Dr. Perricone on Fox News


Acai Rush

When the doctor discussed Superfoods and my health. It was the most effective; some attribute this to the fact that it also contains green tea extract, which boosts the effect of the acai berries.


Acai Group

On average, those who tested this reported a boost in energy within 2 days of using this product, as well as a decrease in appetite in 7, which resulted in a large amount of weight loss. These results prove the effect of the this Acai Berry product.



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Acai berry (the super fruit of the amazon) recently received praise from the likes of doctors and celebrities alike. Ranging from Oprah to an expose’ on 20/20 news magazine.


The Amazon Connection. The acai berry ( used for hundreds of years by the Amazonian tribes) who first harvested acai berries for their amazing powerful healing.

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